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History of Crystals

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

Crystal Healing (or Crystal Therapy) is the practice of using crystals therapeutically, either on people or animals, to bring about healing and to enhance wellness. Also known as Gemstone Therapy, there is evidence that Crystal Therapy has been used for thousands of years by many great civilizations including the Ancient Hebrews, Mayans, Vedic, Egyptians and Native Americans, in one form or another. Some examples of this include crystals and stones which have been discovered inside ancient Egyptian burial chambers and the use of specific stones used in tribal and cultural jewelry, amulets and garments.

Many people are realizing is that pharmaceuticals and symptomatic treatments will often successfully treat the physical body or alleviate symptoms, however the root cause of the illness or disease may not be fully addressed. This is particularly relevant in the treatment of mental illness such as depression, and chronic pain and inflammation in the body.

Fortunately, more people are beginning to understand that the human being is so much more than a physical body, and a more holistic and energetic approach to healing can have profound results when used as a complementary or stand-alone treatment where appropriate. It is important to understand that modern medicine and clinical care has its benefits too and is vital in the treatment of serious injury and illness- however energetic (or vibrational) medicine, such as Reiki, Kinesiology and Crystal Therapy- which penetrate ALL levels of the being- have a valuable place in healing too.

Crystal Healing involves treating a person’s energetic (or vibrational) body by placing gemstones and crystals at specific energy points -or Chakras- on the body. Using gentle movement, hand placement or crystal wands, the therapist activates and directs the energy of the crystals, which works gently with the client’s energy field, to help bring balance and healing on all levels- emotional, mental, spiritual and physical. When working with the crystals, we are able to take our clients into a deep, relaxed state, while we work harmoniously with the Chakras and the client’s unique energy field. Using our hands, or wand or pendulum, we can guide and manipulate energy around the client’s body, clearing blockage, bringing old trauma to the surface and instilling a sense of tranquility, balance and alignment.

In addition to the healing techniques described above, crystals can also be used around the home and at work (or other environments), or kept in the form of talismans, wands, and ornaments. They can even be carried around loose, to attract positive energies to you such as abundance, protection, love and clarity.

Crystal Therapy has gained recent popularity as an alternative healing method of choice and is now an accredited and nationally recognized complementary healing modality, offered at leading spas, retreats and holistic healing centers around the world.

Modern Day Crystal Therapy seems to be a harmonious combination of ancient natural healing lore, the traditional Asian concept of energy (most notably the Chinese concept of life-energy (chi or qi) and the Hindu or Buddhist concept of Chakras), combined with Color Therapy.

In Crystal Healing, it is acknowledged that all crystals and stones are unique- both in appearance and energy. Crystals are selected for healing based on their energetic properties, which are usually determined by their color ‘feeling’, as well as their metaphysical associations. For example, Clear Quartz is a beautifully clear and transparent stone, and is therefore excellent for channeling ‘clarity’.

Another example of how color impacts our mood and energy would be to consider painting a newborn’s room. Usually, we would select colors that bring calming energy, such as a soft blue, and we would avoid bright, energetic colors such as red and orange. Crystals work in the same way. Soft blue stones are used for clients in need of calming, soothing, meditative thoughts and communication, whereas red and orange crystals would be used to bring vitality, energy, stamina and cleansing to a client who is lethargic or ‘flat’.

-”Evolve Healing Institute”

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