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Mama Gaia

Mama Gaia

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Aqua Terra Jasper Intentional Bracelet


Created with the intentions of connecting us deeper with Mama Gaia and teaching us how to appreciate and give gratitude back for all that the Earth provides.


  • Reiki Cleasned and Activated
  • Size 8mm or 6mm crystal beads
  • Elastic Stretch Cord
  • Care Instructions

    • To take off/put on please only Roll your intention bracelet to prevent premature breakage.
    • Crystals require frequent energy cleanses. Clean reguarly utilizing smoke, sound, prayer, Clear Quartz or Selenite crystals, reiki, moon/sunbathe, etc
    • Avoid submerging to crystals in water as some crystals are NOT WATER SAFE

    If cared for properly your crystal jewelry will last for years!

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